Wednesday, 24 June 2009

A day out and another and another...

When we were expecting our baby, both Hubby and I were thrilled. We talked about all that we could do with "it". But we were not prepared for what an infant had to offer. It might pay to be a pessimist and expect a colicky, constipated, clingy baby. But then again it might take the fun out of being pregnant and all that dreaming you do of fun days while on maternity leave. My fun days includ ewalks to the mall in my efforts to keep the little fellow entertained. I tried walking in the park, but apparently he does not fancy watching birds and trees (I am guessing its all one big blur to him right now) instead he likes to watch people or anything that moves constantly and is filled with colour.

These walks have been very educational, to me ofcourse. I have never been much of a shopper. I still rely heavily on Hubby, Mom or whooever is willing to assist in buying clothes, I mean real clothes. I can handle my jeans and t-shirt shopping. But serious work, lady like clothes are an issue with me. The point of this is that almost all shops have signs about specials. At least three shops I have seen have signs that say "Only Today - 25% off" or whatever percentage off. But if everyday is "today" then I don't have to rush and buy the stuff. The other thing I am learning is that it is not too hard to take that credit card out and buy stuff. Like yesterday, when I bought myself a pair of shoes. It was thrilled. I walked out of the shop with the biggest grin, with a sleeping baby in the stroller. Why shouldn't I grin at everyone around me!! I can see why some people are addicted to shopping. All this is stuff I would never have learned without my baby boy.

He's sleeping right now. Not much time left, so I must down that cup of coffee and see if I can get some stuff done.

Thursday, 18 June 2009


People kept telling me that life will change with a baby. I expected it to, perhaps not to the extent that it has, but I did. What I did not expect was to see the changes in me, I am not referring to being fat or going bald but to who I am, the essence of my being, if I may call it that. I have a wise friend who constantly spoke of 'priorities', I must tell him that he was right. There are days when I have completely forgotten to pee, that's right, forgotten (or maybe those stretch receptors in my bladder died with child birth). Bottomline, life has changed. And its pretty much almost always about the baby.

What else has changed is the attitude of people. Its almost like my husband and I have earned our membership in this club that makes it alright to talk about other women's breasts and genitals and your own. They are not sexual organs anymore, they are "a portal of entry or exit (whichever you prefer) and organs of sustenance". We have been accepted by relatives who would not visit us for we live 30 bloody minutes away from them (that is a f@#*ing long drive for some), but now I am told, "let us know if you need anything, its just a thirty minute drive". Oh really! Sure, will do.

Being married, not living together or being in a long term relationship, but being married means you must have children. That seems to be universal. If you choose not to you are pretty much an outcast. We took our time with this baby, but the five years from marriage to the birth of this child was a constant barrage of "so, when are you guys have a kid". I bet there were speculations of my being a lesbian (what with a wardrobe that consisted of nothing but jeans and shirts) or my husband being homosexual. Ah well, we have proven that we are both fertile. As for our sexuality, well if the ignorant associate homosexuality to infertility, its really their problem.

I am sure life and people around us will keep changing as our baby grows...and so will I. Sitting here typing this means my son has decided he will leave me be for an hour (if I am lucky). Here's hoping he will let me keep up with this blog business.